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Tuesday, 09 April 2019 04:48

Benefits of using a Vertical Mouse

Reducing Elbow Tendinopathy and Related Conditions using a Vertical Mouse

Still using your old outdated and potentially harmful horizontal, flat mouse? If you spend hours at a computer and don’t have a vertical mouse, the likelihood of getting Carpel Tunnel and Elbow Tendinopathy is greatly increased; that’s if you don’t already have those conditions.

While the old ergonomically outdated horizontal mouse still dominates the market, the vertical mouse is becoming a common sight on computer desks at home and in the workplace and needs to become the norm.

Rather than the traditional horizontal position, the vertical mouse body and buttons sit at an angle, keeping your wrist and forearm in a more natural and neutral position, reducing rotation and strain of the forearm muscles.

The vertical mouse position varies according to manufacturer, however studies with regard to the design of the computer mouse by Professor Han Ming Chen of National Taiwan University and Professor Snijders of Erasamus University Medical Centre demonstrate that the truly neutral hand position of an ergonomic mouse is not vertical but slanted at around 60°.

If you suffer from elbow, wrist or finger pain for whatever reason and spend time at a computer, than purchase a vertical mouse today. Increasing mouse height and angling of the mouse can improve wrist posture without negatively affecting performance.

Things to look for when buying your vertical mouse
• Angle of the mouse: 50°- 90°
• Left hand & Right hand
• Features – wired or wireless
• Hand size
• Brands: As mentioned there are multiple brands, though Logitech is most often sold in Australia.
• Cost: A vertical mouse can be costly; fortunately you can buy the reputable OJ. Burrows Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse for $29.00 at Officeworks.
• When selecting your vertical mouse, if you can, try before you buy!

For further information search the web. Look at the following sites for starters:


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