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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 04:38

The Benefits of Stretching

As a therapist and sports trainer I have experienced and witnessed the numerous benefits of stretching. In my experience, flexible people tend to have less physical (musculoskeletal) ailments, and yet many people are reluctant to spend sufficient time, if any, to incorporate stretching into their lifestyle or exercise routine.

Often people consider stretching an easy and boring thing to do, or do not consider it an essential part of exercise or daily life. In fact flexibility is an essential part of health and the pursuit to increase and lengthen muscles and the soft tissues of the body requires effort and dedication, with benefits that are long-lasting.

Increased ROM
o Stretching is the activity or action of increasing the length of a muscle and joint mobility to achieve flexibility. The aim is to increase or maintain a degree of flexibility to at least the average range of motion (ROM) in a joint or group of joints. This ROM varies according to activity, age and requirement, with the average recommended ROM based on healthy, non-athletic patients. So depending on your activity, you may require more ROM and flexibility than recommended. Even if your activity requires less ROM than your joint can offer, healthy joints and muscles must at least be able to attain the normal ROM.

Improved posture
o Shortened and constricted muscles and ligaments hold the body in restricted positions that contribute to poor posture. Poor posture can attribute to other issues such as restricted breathing, chronic pain, headache, cramps etc. By maintaining and increasing muscle and joint flexibility, joints, ligaments and muscles maintain their correct position and symmetry, improve correct posture and body appearance.

Increased mobility
o Optimal flexibility increases efficiency of movement. Muscles require energy to move and the tighter the muscle, the more energy is required to move it. When muscles, joints and ligaments are flexible, the body moves more efficiently using less energy, leaving extra energy for additional activity.

o Another benefit of increased mobility is the ability to perform daily tasks; e.g. brushing one’s hair or reaching up for something. Flexibility is also important for safety; e.g. being able to cross a street quickly or stride out to move out of harm’s way without tearing a muscle.

Stretching reduces injury
o The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Any time you extend a joint or overstretch a contracted muscle or shortened ligament beyond its range of motion you are likely to injure it, regardless of your degree of flexibility. Being flexible means that you are able to move your joints and body through its full ROM with reduced possibility of overstretch and injury. If however your activity or sport requires you to move through greater degrees of flexibility and ROM then the norm and you do not have that range, then yes, you can injure it. So the answer is? Ensure you have at least the average range of flexibility and greater flexibility to suit your specific work or sporting needs.
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